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Do I have to be an IREM member to take classes?

No, however, there are financial incentives for members, so it is important to evaluate the options of member rates versus non-member rates.

Does IREM Chapter 45 have regular meetings?

Yes. We have educational luncheon programs in January, February, April, May, September and October each year. Our annual golf event is in June, and our Member Celebration is in November.  Click here to view the Chapter calendar, which also lists our Roundtable Sessions and Education Courses.

Why do I need to stay a CPM Candidate for a minimum of one year?

This gives you ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Institute and explore your IREM networking venues, particularly at the local level. Within the 12 months immediately prior to CPM approval, CPM Candidates are required to attend at least two IREM chapter meetings -- so the one year minimum gives you plenty of time to fulfill this requirement.

How much are annual dues?

Following are the local & national dues as of 2014:


CPM                    $240 locally & $565 nationally

Candidate             $240 locally & $495 nationally

ARM                    $225 locally & $220 nationally

Associate             $220 payable to national with no additional local dues

Student                $50 payable to national with no additional local dues

Are guests allowed to attend IREM Chapter 45 meetings and events?

Property Manager guests are welcome to attend at the non-member rate. We limit vendor attendance at our luncheons to our IREM Industry Partners.